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World War Z: An Apocalyptic Anime AR-PEE
Claim - Kira Sakuya 
18th-Jul-2007 09:07 pm
Name: Kira Sakuya

Home universe: Angel Sanctuary

Age: apparently 18

Gender: male

Physical description: tall, dark, and handsome

Special abilities: regeneration, random hellmagic

Equipment, weapons, or other useful items: katana

Brief history: I'm Lucifer. But Lucifer is not exactly me. Confused yet? Way back in the day, the fallen angel Lucifer was bound in Alexial's seven-bladed sword. Some other shit happened, and the spirit of the sword possessed the body of a dying little boy in order to look for Alexial. In other words, I'm a bizarre weapon-human-evil hybrid that likes drinks, smokes, and dudes the ladies. At least until the zombies hit.
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