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worldwar_z's Journal

World War Z: An Apocalyptic Anime AR-PEE
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The Apocalypse is upon us. However, reliable sources show that nothing is going as it should. The universes have collaped into one, say the top scientists, and the dead have risen. Bites from the reanimated corpses WILL TURN YOU INTO ONE OF THEM. These creatures are commonly known as zombies.

We want YOU! Join brave nations of the universe in the fight against Zack. All you need is the will to survive and whatever weapon you can find. Now accepting new volunteers and recruits! Don't let Zack take us to hell!

Interested? Please fill out this application:

Home universe:
Physical description:
Special abilities:
Equipment, weapons, or other useful items:
Brief history:


Welcome to World War Z! The concept of this RPG is based on the book of the same name by Max Brooks, but knowledge of the book is not required to join. All fictional characters (book, movie, anime, etc.) are allowed to be claimed. No original characters. If you have any questions, contact one of the mods.

Info & Rules

  • Keep OOC drama out of it.

  • Only four characters allowed per person.

  • Have a character journal just for this comm. (One for each character.)

  • Fill out the application above and post it on the community with Claim + character's name in the subject line.

  • Wait for approval from a mod before playing!

  • Make sure you have all character journals friended.

  • Role-playing will take place through threads on the community or through AIM.

  • You must post at least one log and one character journal post per month from each character. If you need to go on hiatus, let us know.

  • You are allowed to have your character be bitten by a zombie, but think carefully first because it won't be easy to change back. Periodically a mod will announce on a radio news post details of the location of the vaccine cure. There will only be a limited amount, so first come, first serve! Fight your friends and your enemies for it!

  • If you're a zombie, you can bite other characters to infect them, but you must have consent from the player first.

  • Yaoi is allowed, but please use appropriate warnings and LJ cuts.

  • Claims
    Angel Sanctuary
    Kira | ieatkittenz

    Death Note
    Ryuk | appleslave


    World War Z
    Glossary of zombie fightin' terms. [coming soon]